Laura-Joy Boulos

Dr. Laura-Joy Boulos is an Associate Professor in Neuroscience at Saint-Joseph University (Beirut, Lebanon) and an independent Life Science consultant and entrepreneur in the biotech industry in Paris, France. Her research uses algorithmic approaches to understand decision making processes in times of turmoil and uncertainty, with a focus on decision making in addiction. She published in several peer-reviewed journals and obtained many prizes among which the 2020 l’Oréal-UNESCO International Rising Award for the 15 most promising Women in Science. She is also Chief Health Officer at Globivest, a family-office with a VC-based portfolio.

Alexandre Mendes

Dr. Alexandre Mendes is a data scientist in the digital industry at onepoint (Paris). He has a PhD in neuroscience from the Collège de France (France) and a neurocomputational diploma from the ISIR (Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et Robotiques) and the OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology). He published in several peer-reviewed journals and has cofounded with Laura-Joy a mobile application called “i-decide”.

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